Selling Solar

Covers parts of a solar system, leasing vs. owning, statistics & trends, disclosure best practices, contract language, pricing & appraisals, Energy Efficient & Green Addendum, AAR Solar Lease Addendum, & FAQ’s

Elite Education


The solar industry is booming and evolving. It is a trend that will continue. Don't guess your way through a sale with solar. Get the facts and be able to provide your clients with the best service and experience possible. Realtors earn 3 hr in Disclosure credits with ADRE and LEED professionals can earn 3.0 credits with GBCI.

In this evolving and information packed 3-hour CE Disclosure course for Realtors, participants will learn the basics of PV solar, study current market statistics and trends related to solar, discuss and benefits & drawbacks of leasing versus owning. Participants will take away knowledge and best practices for representing both buyers and sellers when transferring property with solar systems, how to properly disclose information to mitigate risk, how to price homes with solar, and steps Realtors can take to ensure buyers and sellers receive a competent appraisal.